Machine Learning Berlin

Berlin Machine Learning Group was started in 2014 by Daniel Nouri and Andreas Müller. Currently, the Meetup group has over 4000 members and is the largest Machine Learning Meetup Group in Berlin, Germany. The meetup is currently being organized by Trent McConaghy, Adriaan Schakel and Abhishek Thakur

Trent McConaghy

Trent and his colleagues at BigchainDB & IPDB are building a shared database for the internet, for sovereign personal data and to help compensate creators. Previously, he did AI research to help drive Moore’s Law, and to reconcile human creativity with machine creativity. He is an advisor to Estonia’s E-residency program. Trent’s long-term goal is to help ensure that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world.

Adriaan Schakel

Adriaan Schakel is Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist of the legal tech startup Adriaan is an expert in machine learning applied to natural language processing. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Amsterdam and conducted research and taught at various universities worldwide.

Abhishek Thakur

Abhishek Thakur works as a Principal Data Scientist at Productsup GmbH. In his free time, he likes to take part in machine learning competitions and has participated in over 100 challenges. His interests include automatic machine learning, deep learning, hyperparameter optimization, computer vision, image analysis and retrieval, and pattern recognition. Abhishek has achieved world rank #3 on Kaggle.

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